Stratos helps entrepreneurs realise their business plans through a proprietary incubation mechanism.


Stratos helps investors seek opportunities to invest in India and South East Asia.


Stratos helps business seek access to much needed capital for growth, consolidation or special situations

What others say about us

“We approached SFAS at a time when the solar power project was conceived and a detailed project report was drawn up. However, sources of funding were scarce in the Indian market and I was personnally concerned about the profitability of the venture, given the interest rates in the market. SFAS provided alternative sources of funding and hedging the interest rate risk through intelligent use of options. Our Board was extremely impressed with the delivery of services from SFAS.

CEO of a Solar Power Company in South India

“Stratos was mandated with the task of finding suitable funding partners for a mixed use township project in an upcoming area. The quick turnaround and advice provided at an early stage by the team helped us look at the options in hand. The team was clear and pragmatic with what was possible versus what is desired and gave us the appropriate options to choose from.”

Managing Director of a diversified commodity group

“I contacted Stratos to help us assist in the setup on an online women’s store, which was themed towards meeting the needs of the urban woman. Stratos helped me incubate the whole project starting from the business plan, capital structure, corporate structure, and gaining the required compliances (through their alliance partners) and setting up the store, the payment gateways and the delivery mechanisms in record time. Advice provided on DIY e-commerce site creation and the ancillary services were superb. Additional marketing advice through Linked In and Facebook was equally appreciated. The store took off in less than 3 months, and started sales. The business itself is fully bootstrapped thanks to advice from the team on not seeking any seed funding. Thanks to Stratos, my business is self- sufficient, as opposed to my earlier view of approaching investors at the initiation stage itself…”

CEO of a Woman’s e-store

“I called Team Stratos at a time when my project was headed towards a financial disaster and was about to close down due to the lack of funding. Team Stratos changed my mind and helped me regain control on the business, and helped me bootstrap my product development efforts through services which were readily marketable. Our team had specialist consulting skills in healthcare ICT which were readily put on the market and helped bootstrap the product development effort. Thanks to Team Stratos… hats off to you guys.”

Board Member of a Healthcare ICT firm

“I contacted Stratos financial advisory services pvt ltd to prepare business plan and financial model for my Earth health care services. With a small team but with full of technical people surrounded, they can really turn every entrepreneur’s & business people’s dreams into reality. I can realize that now & I suggested their service to my fellow friends who were till now waiting for someone to nurture their ideas. An entrepreneur needs Stratos Business Incubation Services to make him and his business healthy on a longer term. I wish them all success for their future endeavours and convert budding entrepreneur’s into successful business person…”

CEO of Healthcare Services