The Firm

We deliver world class financial advisory services to enable entrepreneurship, investments and funding. Stratos aims to support entrepreneurs achieve their goals, leading to economic expansion, job creation and rise in the quality of living for many communities that thrive based on that business. In the background, entrepreneurs are the life line to the growth of the economy. An ecosystem that celebrates, cherishes and enables entrepreneurship is paramount to driving social change and reducing inequalities. Stratos delivers on that promise of driving social change by empowering entrepreneurs. We bring world class investment opportunities in front of our clients in order to help them realise their long term financial goals. A culture of saving for the future coupled with a strong selection mechanism to pick the right investment strategies are the foundations to investment success and the investment culture is the number one enabler to drive social change. Stratos delivers on that promise by understanding your needs and bringing the right investment opportunities in front of you. In effect, we ensure that your needs drive the selection of an investment product. We help businesses seek funding, be it starting up, expansion, merger or buying out another business. We deliver by advising you on the right approach to leverage the capital market, and by taking your proposal in front of the right funding partners. Renewing the industrial base by supporting businesses, is an important step towards achieving social change. We carefully select proposals as well as funding partners to ensure alignment to the mission that we are driving. The cornerstones to such alignment are economic expansion, job creation, the resulting rise in quality of living, and the long term investment outlook. Our clients understand the value of time and information. The ability to get things done for them within a reasonable time and cost is of essence to them. Hence we “Invest” in our people, partners, processes and systems to further these goals. We constantly “Innovate” to deliver on our promises and we encourage innovation within our ecosystem. We “Integrate” our themes of entrepreneurship, investment, and funding  by combining our strengths with that of our chosen partners to deliver advisory services to our clients.