We deliver world-class advisory services to entrepreneurs using our Stratos “Key” Methodology to:

  • Eliminate uncertainty, so entrepreneurs can focus on changing the world;
  • Connect start-ups with strong partners, on the best possible terms, and fast;
  • Deliver tools and investment opportunities to investors to help start-ups and small businesses grow;
  • Advise start-ups and investors on a wide range of issues.

We help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into a business plan and validate them through the use of powerful tools and realistic decision making. As daunting as it may sound, most businesses do not need a presentation or complete business plans unless they are seeking funding. This effort, and the associated financial models can be safely reserved for fundraising time. We use a cutting edge collaboration platform that enables business plan development and validation through a set of actionable steps, which can easily be executed and monitored.

In India, most funding sources become available only at a growth stage, when cash flows are established and somewhat predictable. Early stage funding sources such as Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms look for the next “billion dollar idea” and want to invest in these. While we do help start-ups gain access to funding, these are prone to high levels of rejection and higher stake in the business being let go to investors. Though rejected by VC firms, these start-ups then proceed to build excellent businesses, not necessarily billion dollar ones, but closer to the millions. The key question at this stage is how to get there? We advocate the use of “bootstrapping” and hence avoiding the task of bringing capital from outside. Want to know how to “bootstrap your business”, please send us your question, and we can contact you.

Starting Up in India can be daunting, on account of the various regulatory requirements and taxation norms. Having the right corporate and capital structure is essential to navigate through these requirements and drive the business. To help you, we work with a handpicked network of partners who share our view of eliminating frictions to enable entrepreneurship, and offer a suite of services oriented towards keeping you focused on your business plan, and leaving the pains to us.

Our blog, called “The Beacon” has more details on the Stratos “Key” Methodology and is constantly updated in line with the latest trends. Please follow “The Beacon” to find out what we do, and how we can help you change the world. If you have an immediate question , please click the “Questions” button to send us a brief note.